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Why Does Plaque Build Up Between Brushings?

Posted on 3/17/2018 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Plaque Cameo Dental Specialists IL 60305Plaque is constantly in your mouth. No matter how often you brush or floss, there is always some in your mouth. This is leftover debris from things you ate, drank, or had in your mouth.

Typically, when you brush well twice daily, floss once each day, and come in and see us every six months, the levels of plaque are low and able to remain that way.

Oral hygiene that is top notch really helps. However, between times of brushing, you get some plaque that is going to build up a bit. This is just how your mouth operates.

Where Plaque Comes From

After you eat or drink something, little particles are left behind. This mixes with your saliva and it forms the sticky substance we all know as plaque. This sticks to your teeth, and tries to eat the enamel. Plaque would not be so dangerous to your mouth if it did not contain bacteria, too.

These bacteria literally want to try and eat your teeth from the outside, in. When you brush and floss, you rid your mouth of nearly all of this plaque and bacteria.

That means from one brushing to the next, your plaque is trying to build up again so it can try and eat that enamel. That is what makes brushing and taking good care of your teeth so essential.

Do you brush twice each day, every single day? If not, then you definitely need to come in and get checked out. If it is nearing six months since your last checkup, you need to come in, too.

Call us today, and set up that appointment. We want to make sure that the plaque in your mouth is not causing any problems, and help rid your mouth of more of the plaque that may be hiding from your toothbrush and floss.
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