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The Role Of Dental Bonding In Improving Your Smile

Posted on 7/10/2023 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
The Role Of Dental Bonding In Improving Your SmileDental bonding is a cosmetic medical treatment option aimed at addressing smile inadequacies. It can fix several issues among them being chipped teeth, discoloration, and gaps in between the teeth. The composite resin material used in dental filling is the same one used in dental bonding. It is a seamless way to cover all your smile imperfections.

Covering damaged teeth

Occurrences of chipped or cracked teeth are common. Sometimes it could be as a result of injury or teeth grinding. Regardless of the cause, a chipped tooth can deny you the confidence to smile and be your natural self. Dental bonding comes in handy in closing and sealing off any damage and thus restoring functionality and beauty. In the case of abnormally sized teeth, through dental bonding, our dentist can even out the shape and length of your teeth to fit your preference. Dental bonding is minimally invasive and does not require too much enamel removal. The composite material is simply applied and molded onto the tooth as per the desired shape then hardened and polished. The doctor has to first and foremost ensure that the color of the composite material resembles that of the natural teeth.

Addressing dental discoloration

Many factors could cause your teeth to stain. For instance, the morning coffee or tea you take can stain your teeth. For people who smoke, smoking is a leading cause of teeth discoloration. Sometimes even medication can alter the color of your teeth. Now, dental bonding works to improve the appearance of your teeth and therefore restore your amazing and conspicuous smile. There are severe cases of teeth staining that do not respond to teeth whitening. In such extreme cases, dental bonding is the perfect way out. Dental bonding is versatile in that it can address multiple problems at the same time. Be it discoloration or brokenness, a simple dental bonding will improve whatever imperfection you have within one application. In case you are looking for a credible dental bonding treatment to bring back your smile, schedule an online consultation with us today.
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