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Training Your Child To Brush And Floss

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
 Training Your Child To Brush And FlossOne of the most important habits you can teach your children as they grow is how to brush and floss. Learning how to brush and floss early in life will give your children a great start to their dental hygiene, as well as their overall health. With a few simple steps, your children can brush and floss like a bunch of professionals.

Let Them Watch You

Before you even begin to teach them how to brush and floss, you can let your children watch you practicing good oral hygiene. Talk to your children while you are brushing and flossing and tell them what you're doing so that they learn the steps. Young children want to imitate their parents, so letting them watch you gives them a good head start toward learning how to brush and floss.

Practice With Them

Young children want to learn how to brush and floss correctly by imitating you. Begin practicing brushing techniques with them. In general, you will want your kids to brush for two minutes each time they brush their teeth. Tell them they can sing a song for two minutes, or you can start a timer. Be sure you instruct them to brush in circles, getting both the teeth and the gums, and to brush both the front and back of their teeth. Flossing is difficult with string floss, so why not try flossers with your children? Flossers are much easier for a child's hands to manage.

Make It Fun

Children love to play games, so you can make tooth brushing and flossing a game. You can dance around with them while brushing your teeth, for example. You can reward them for their tooth brushing by giving them something to work towards a larger goal, such as a trip or a toy, by using a sticker chart. Before you know it, your child will be brushing and flossing by themselves.
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