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Fluoride – Myths and Facts

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Fluoride – Myths and FactsFluoride is associated with straightening teeth and preventing tooth decay on one side, while on the other claims, it is toxic and has health risks. All these are just myths and misconceptions with no basis for argument. Let us look into other myths and misconceptions about fluoride, outlining the facts related to the myth.

Myth 1: Fluoride is a toxic chemical

Fact: Fluoride is a natural mineral present in foods, soil, and water. This mineral is used with other materials to clean water and in making toothpaste.

Myth 2: Fluoride is solely found in toothpaste and drinking water

Fact: it is true, fluoride is found in water and toothpaste. It is also present in foods including fish, some fruits, and tea. This makes it a healthy part of our meals. Fluoride is present in dental products like mouthwash and gels. They are used to protect our teeth against cavities.

Myth 3: Fluoride is harmful to children

Fact: It is okay to say that too much fluoride intake is harmful to children. That is, as long as it is used in the right amounts. It helps fight tooth cavities in children by strengthening their teeth's enamel.

Myth 4: Fluoride has no benefits for adults

Fact: Fluoride is significant as necessary to adults as it is to children. As time passes, people age and their immune systems eventually may not have control when fighting oral-related issues. Our teeth become prone to tooth decay and sensitivity among many other oral diseases. Therefore, fluoride is necessary for strengthening the enamel where our immune could not. This reduces the risk of cavities improving your oral health as an adult.

Adults should be very concerned about their oral health due to its impact on our general body health. Our dentists are well-informed and can help you clear any doubts you might have concerning the health of your teeth. Call us today and book your appointment.
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