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Sinus Lift Surgery for Implants

Posted on 10/31/2023 by Weo Admin
Woman smiling while oral surgeon talksA sinus lift surgery is a procedure that is done to prepare your upper jaw for the placement of dental implants. This procedure is fundamental when there is insufficient bone on your upper jaw to offer adequate support to dental implants in the back of the mouth. Here is a brief overview of the things you need to understand about sinus lift surgery for implants:

Indication for Sinus Lift Surgery

A dental expert will evaluate your condition to decide whether you are a good candidate for sinus lift surgery. When they note the upper jawbone is too thin to support an implant, they will most likely recommend sinus lift surgery. Another indication is for sinus extraction. Sinuses are situated in your upper jaw and will expand over time, and they can end up encroaching on the available bone space, leaving inadequate space for implant placement.

Pre-Operative Evaluation

The next thing after finding out that you are a good candidate for sinus lift surgery is to perform a comprehensive pre-operative evaluation. Your oral surgeon may request CT scans or X-rays to examine the quality of the underlying bone and if it is close to the sinus. They also take a dental and medical history to ensure you are the right candidate.

Sinus Lift Surgery

During the surgery, your oral surgeon will make an incision on your gum tissue, mainly on the side of the maxillary sinus. A small opening is made on the bone, which allows the sinus membrane to be lifted, creating adequate space for graft material placement. After the surgery, the graft can take several months to integrate and grow with the new bone properly. However, the healing process is different for each individual. Dental implants can be placed once the graft is fully healed and integrated. Later, your oral surgeon can place your preferred restoration, such as a crown, denture, or bridge.

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