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How Sticky Foods Can Ruin Oral Surgery Recovery

Posted on 6/23/2018 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Sticky Foods Cameo Dental Specialists IL 60305One of the recommendations after oral surgery is to follow a soft food diet. This should make sense, but there are some people who will struggle to follow it. They will turn to foods that are soft but are also sticky.

There is a reason to avoid sticky foods after oral surgery. They can quickly ruin what the surgery tried to fix. This is why.

What Do Sticky Foods Do

There are plenty of sticky foods that people love to eat. Chewing gum and some candy taste great. They are something that you can enjoy once you have healed from an oral surgery. If you turn to these sticky foods too soon, you could create more damage that will require more time and work to fix.

Sticky foods will damage different parts of your mouth and gums. Chewing sticky foods makes your jaw and teeth work hard. After oral surgery, it is difficult to chew these foods and pain or discomfort is often the result. The sticky foods can also attach themselves to the area where the oral surgery work occurred and can prevent the site from healing properly.

Sticky foods tend to get stuck in the teeth, the gums and other parts of the mouth.

You do not want them to get stuck anywhere near the site of the oral surgery. If there are any pockets resulting from the surgery, the sticky foods can get caught in them.

The recovery from oral surgery is not the most pleasant experience. There is no need to make it worse by turning to sticky foods.

To learn what you should and should not eat after oral surgery or for any other information, contact the dental professionals at our offices. They will give you the advice you need.
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