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We Can Also Help Treat Facial Injuries

Posted on 11/20/2018 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
We Can Also Help Treat Facial InjuriesMany people think that the dental professionals in our offices only work with teeth. They assume that is all we are capable of doing, but they are mistaken. We can help in many other ways than just filling cavities and performing root c=canals. We can also help with major and minor facial injuries. It is time for people to learn how we can help with this part of your health.

Some Roles We Play

Facial injuries come in all forms. Some of the most common facial injuries we treat involve trauma to the jaw. Fractured and dislocated jaws are a common type of facial injury. They can require us to manually put the jaw back in place or to stabilize the fracture.

Some facial injuries can make issues a person already had worse. People that suffer from TMJ disorders can cause the condition to get worse when they suffer a facial injury. It is possible that we can offer devices or other forms of treatment to manage the TMJ disorder.

Fixing the Teeth

The most obvious way we can help with facial injuries is when they also involve the teeth, gums and tongue. Facial injuries can cause teeth to break, to get knocked completely out or to become loose. Damage to the gums including bruising and cuts is also a possibility. It is possible for us to treat these injuries and to offer some form of restorative dentistry to help a person recover the smile they want.

There are times when we can help deal with some of the issues surrounding facial injuries at the time they occur. There are other times when we will wait for the facial injuries to start to heal before doing anything else. It depends on the extent of the injury and the needs of the individual. Either way, we are ready to help.

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