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Foods to Have On Hand for Oral Surgery Recovery

Posted on 2/15/2019 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Foods to Have On Hand for Oral Surgery RecoveryOral surgery is not always the most pleasant experience. Although there are plenty of ways to make the actual surgery comfortable for you, the time before the surgery and he time after the surgery can be very difficult.

The key to controlling these times is preparation. Preparing before the surgery means following the instructions provided and finding ways to relax.

After the surgery a person needs to know how to care for the surgical site and the rest of the mouth, teeth and gums and they need to know what to avoid. Your diet is usually restricted after surgery. It is a good idea to prepare for this by having specific foods on hand that make recovery easier.

More than Just Soft
The idea of eating soft foods after oral surgery makes sense. Softer foods are easier to chew and digest. But it is not enough to just say eat soft foods. You can also find soft foods that provide extra protein, vitamins and minerals to help with your recovery. Having these on hand when you are going to have oral surgery is a very good idea.

•  Soup - This may look obvious, but you can get several types of soup. Broth may work best immediately following surgery, but you can also introduce blended soups that contain vegetables and proteins while still being easy to eat.
•  Applesauce - This provides you with fruit in a form that is tasty and easy to eat.
•  Greek Yogurt - A great soft food that provides you with vitamins, protein, calcium and zinc, which are all essential in your recovery.
•  Mashed potatoes - This is a comfort food that will make you feel better.
•  Scrambled eggs - As you recover, scrambled eggs are a soft food that require a little chewing.
•  Mashed Bananas - This is another fruit that is easy to eat.
•  Mashed Avocados - Avocados are high in vitamin K and other vitamins and have many antioxidants.
•  Smoothies - This can give you a combination of vitamins and protein in an easy and tasty way to eat. Do not use a straw to drink the smoothie as that can lead to other problems.

Recovery from oral surgery does not mean you have to go hungry or that you cannot find foods you like. If you plan ahead and get food that is easy to eat, high in protein, vitamins and minerals, you can help speed up your recovery. The key is to plan ahead because this is not something you will want to do after you have the oral surgery.

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