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Can Sticky Foods Dislodge Oral Surgery Stitches?

Posted on 4/15/2019 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Can Sticky Foods Dislodge Oral Surgery Stitches?After any type of oral surgery, patients receive a list of aftercare instructions. These instructions include many different things from how to manage pain to how to care for the surgical site. There is also a list of foods to avoid on the list.

Near the top of the list of foods to avoid is sticky foods. Some people may wonder why this is necessary. The reason is because sticky foods can cause damage that can ruin the surgical work that was done.

Sticky Food and Stitches

After performing the oral surgery, stitches are often used to close the surgical site. There are different types of stitches. Some will dissolve on their own and others will require removal at the next appointment. Regardless of how the stitches are taken out, it is important that they remain in place until the wound has time to start the healing process.

If you eat sticky foods while the stitches are in place, the food could very easily get stuck to the stitches. That leaves you with two options. You could leave the sticky food in place until the stitches are taken out or you could try to get the sticky food out yourself. The danger of removing the sticky food is that you will probably also pull the stitches out along with it. If you are thinking of leaving the sticky food on the stitches you pen yourself up to bacterial growth, infection and other complications.

What About After Stitches are Out

Some may think that the removal of the stitches means they can go back to their favorite sticky foods. That is a mistake. Even though the stitches are gone, the wound site still needs more time to heal. Sticky foods could damage the skin as it heals and create the same problems that happen when sticky food pulls out the stitches.

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