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Cleft Palate Issues can be Treated Through Oral Surgery

Posted on 4/25/2019 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Cleft Palate Issues can be Treated Through Oral SurgeryWhile it's not incredibly common, there are a number of infants born with a cleft palate every year. It's the fourth most common birth defect, and it's very easy to diagnose—there is a split in the tissue that covers the roof of the baby's mouth.

This happens when that tissue, for whatever reason, simply doesn't bond together like it should. While it may look alarming to new parents, because it's so common, treatment for the condition is also common. In fact, doctors usually begin arranging for oral surgery as soon as they note that the baby has a cleft palate.

Why Does it Happen?
Experts haven't pinned down the causes of a cleft palate yet, but studies have indicated that it's likely due to both the environment and genetics. It's possible for parents to pass on the genes responsible for a cleft palate, but those genes don't always activate. Often, it's an environmental trigger that results in the cleft palate.

Treating Cleft Palate

When a baby is diagnosed with a cleft palate, surgery is first needed to repair the tissue. After the first surgery, the infant may need another. In some situations, several follow-up procedures may even be necessary. It all depends on how serious the cleft palate is and how the infant responds. In some cases, we may even have to do surgery later in life if the child develops speech problems or other issues.

Generally, these surgeries are done before the child is a year old. Follow-up procedures may be needed after age two. In most cases, any necessary surgeries have been completed and the condition fully treated by the late teen years.

If you're concerned about your baby having a cleft palate or are in need of a professional to do the surgeries, contact us today. We're here to help your little one have a normal, healthy palate.
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