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Managing the Discomfort of an Impacted Tooth

Posted on 5/15/2019 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Managing the Discomfort of an Impacted ToothIf you are suffering pain and discomfort from an impacted tooth, there are some things you can do at home to help manage the pain. Of course, please call our office if you are ever experiencing discomfort and we can assess your situation and help you find a more permanent solution, but in the meanwhile, here are some tips to help you deal with the discomfort.

Treating Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth is a tooth that cannot break through the surface of the gums. This can happen for several reasons such as maybe you don't have enough room in your mouth for the tooth to erupt, or perhaps it is only partially impacted, meaning that it has begun to break through the gum but then stops. Whatever the reason, the gums can become swollen and irritated and eating, biting, chewing and talking can become painful.

If you notice that your gums have become red and swollen, or perhaps they are bleeding, please call us immediately. Once we have identified the cause of your discomfort as an impacted tooth, you can ease your discomfort at home while we wait for a surgery time or for the tooth to fully erupt.

Rinsing with salt water can help ease some of the discomfort of an impacted tooth. Oral over the counter pain medication such as aspirin can be used to provide relief. You can also apply an ice pack to your cheek to help reduce inflammation and swelling.

You may even alternate hot packs and cold packs for 15 minutes at a time to help ease some of the discomfort. Be sure to finish this routine with a cold pack treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if your pain becomes unbearable or lasts longer than a few days. You may require frequent visits to our office during this time, so give us a call today.
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