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What Symptoms Come with a Fractured Tooth?

Posted on 8/15/2019 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
What Symptoms Come with a Fractured Tooth?A broken tooth is usually obvious for people to see. Part of their tooth is missing, or they may spit it out when the tooth breaks. A fracture of a tooth is not as easy to see. A fracture means that the tooth is broken, but there are not always pieces of the tooth missing.

A fracture is as big as a problem as a broken tooth. Learning the symptoms of a fractured tooth is often the only way for a person to know that they have one.

What is a Fractured Tooth?

Many people confuse a broken tooth with a fractured tooth. A fractured tooth is often referred to as a cracked tooth. Unlike a broken tooth that has seen parts of the tooth break off from the rest of it, a fracture occurs when a crack forms somewhere in the tooth. There are several different kinds of fractured teeth. Craze lines are small cracks in the enamel.

A fractured cusp usually occurs around a filling, but does not reach the pulp of the tooth. Some fractures involve a crack that extends below the gum line. A split tooth will actually divide a tooth into two pieces. A vertical root fracture is one that begins below the gum line and extends upwards. The symptoms and treatment for a fractured tooth can vary depending on the type of fracture.

What to Look For
The first sign of a fractured tooth is often visual or textural. It is possible that you can see any of the cracks or fractures that happen to a tooth. Because many fractures result when biting down on something hard with a tooth, many people realize that something may have happened and will inspect the suspected area for damage. They may also feel the cracks with their tongue.

Other symptoms of a tooth fracture include sensitivity to hot or cold, pain when biting down on the tooth, pain that comes and goes, but is not continuous and swelling of the gum around the affected tooth.

If you suspect that you are dealing with a fractured tooth, you should seek treatment from us. It is possible to repair many fractures and to save the tooth if caught before the damage gets worse.

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