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Why One Missing Tooth is A Problem You Should Not Ignore

Posted on 8/25/2019 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Why One Missing Tooth is A Problem You Should Not IgnoreWhen you have one missing tooth in your mouth, you may think that this is not a big problem to have but in truth, there are many issues that can happen when you are missing just one tooth. It doesn't matter the reason for missing the teeth, having this open space is what causes the most trouble in the mouth. You want to consider getting the tooth replaced as soon as possible.

Missing a Tooth and the Problems That Arise

The missing teeth that you have cause the mouth to have these open gaps. These gaps will naturally start to fill in. The teeth around this area start to move into the open space which can cause them to unnaturally separate from one another.

When there is no tooth in the area, this can also become painful for the person to chew. The gums are not as strong as teeth would be to chew different areas. This will break down the gum and even cause trauma to it. This means poor nutrition is a common factor for those that have missing teeth.

The bone in the area where the missing tooth is can also start to break down because of the pressure put in the area. This can cause the area of the mouth to have numerous problems that can only be corrected with a replacement in the missing tooth area. Implants are recommended to replace this missing tooth.

Speak with our office today if you're missing a tooth and want to learn more about the ways we can fill in that open space. We want to make sure you're smiling with more confidence, and that you have the best dental health benefits. Call us today and we can schedule a time to have you come in to get help.
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