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Why Some Teeth Require Splitting Prior to Removal

Posted on 5/15/2020 by Vladana Babcic Tal DMD
Why Some Teeth Require Splitting Prior to Removal
Many people assume that removing a tooth is a rather simple procedure. They picture getting into our chairs and having us yank out their tooth with some instrument that resembles a pair of pliers. This is not the way that we remove teeth. There are much better ways and there are times when we need to take extra steps to remove a tooth. One of the things we do is splitting the tooth before taking it out. This is why that is necessary for some people.

What is Splitting a Tooth?

Splitting a tooth is something that can happen naturally, accidentally or, when necessary, done on purpose in our office. A split tooth has a crack in it. Essentially, the split tooth divides the tooth into separate pieces. If the rest of the tooth is healthy, there are ways to treat a split tooth. If the reason for the split tooth is to help with the extraction, there is no need for treatment.

Why Would We Split a Tooth?

In a simple extraction, a tooth is pulled without much difficulty. When a tooth is either in a bad position or has other problems that don't make a simple extraction possible, splitting the tooth is an option. By splitting the tooth, it becomes smaller pieces. Once you remove the first of the smaller pieces, the other pieces that surround it will become looser. This will make them easier to remove.
Often times the other option to remove a difficult tooth is by cutting into the gums to help loosen it. Splitting the tooth is an option that is not as invasive and that does not hurt as much after the procedure. For teeth that are not easy to remove because of where they are or the shape they are in, splitting may provide the best option.
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