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Facial Trauma
Chicago, IL

Facial trauma X-ray of jaw with broken teeth at Cameo Dental Specialists in Chicago, IL.Working with an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon when facial trauma occurs can make a difference. At Cameo Dental Specialists, we consider the entire face when restoring facial tissue following injury.

Our team takes steps to consider all the layers involved, including the placement of nerves and glands, giving you a complete restoration. At the time of injury, most patients are concerned with what they can see, but they need both their aesthetic and their function restored for long-term comfort. Following an evaluation, with the use of 3D radiograph images, we can view a thorough picture of the trauma done and together create a treatment plan that is customized to your needs.

What Is Facial Trauma?

As the word ‘trauma’ indicates, facial trauma is a severe injury involving some part of the face. This includes the mouth and all the soft and hard tissue inside the mouth; it also includes the cheeks, lips, nose, and brow. Facial trauma can happen in many ways, the patient may have suffered from:
•  Laceration: Deep lacerations, or cuts, to the soft tissue can be traumatizing to the patient. Their first thought is often if the repair will leave a scar. Having your cut sutured or cared for by an oral surgeon can make a difference in how much of a scar will be visible. It can also make a difference in areas that you cannot see, such as how the nerves or salivary glands were affected.
•  Sports Injuries: The American Dental Association that up to 39% of dental injuries were related to sporting activities, and that 5 million teeth annually are avulsed, or knocked out, while engaging in sports. Though many of those injuries involve children, and parents may feel that the loss of a primary tooth is not important, a primary tooth lost too soon should have a spacer placed. This will prevent neighboring teeth from shifting, closing the available space for the permanent tooth. In adults, having a permanent tooth restored can make a significant difference in their oral health. Though there are many options for tooth replacement, only a dental implant fully restores the root, providing the patient with a tooth and looks and feels like their natural tooth.
•  Car Accidents or Falls: When a patient has an impact injury that affects their facial area, it can be devastating. Injuries can range from minor lacerations to severe jaw reconstruction. Having work done by an oral surgeon can make a significant difference. Spotting jaw misalignments and fractures can vary how the bone is set or healed and the possibility of future problems. Patients who suffer a jaw being moved out of alignment can have issues with TMJ dysfunction and bruxism.
•  Act of Violence: A blow to the jaw or facial region can have serious consequences. The patient may feel physical pain and emotional pain. Ignoring an act of violence can lead to tiny fractures healing incorrectly, or a jaw being moved out of alignment. This can lead to pain and discomfort in the patient for years to come.

Surprisingly, many patients choose to ignore minor to moderate trauma when it occurs. This can have frustrating long-term effects, and the patient may not even be aware of why they are uncomfortable. Following any impact to the face or head, a patient should seek medical and dental care. Coming to our office, we will assess your facial region. When assessing damage, our team at Cameo Dental Specialists, will consider the following areas.

•  We will check for teeth that have been loosened or entirely knocked out.
•  We will review all soft tissue, both inside and outside the mouth, for lacerations or damage.
•  We will view the bone with 3D x-rays to check for fractures or breaks.
•  We will review the jaw bone for its alignment, ensuring that the alignment is not adjusted.

Intraoral And Facial Lacerations

The placement of sutures, or stitches, both inside and outside the mouth can be complex, especially when taking both the patient’s look and function into consideration. Working with an oral surgeon, you can feel confident that they are taking a look at the whole picture, including the resulting scar, the nerve that has been affected, and the function of the salivary glands and ducts.

Avulsed Teeth

Teeth that have been knocked out can be restored with a false tooth, or sometimes even replaced with the original tooth. Under the very specific circumstance, we may be able to place a tooth right back in its socket when certain criteria are met.

If a tooth has been knocked out, do not scrub or clean it. Teeth have important ligaments on them that are crucial for re-establishing a connection. If possible, a knocked out tooth should be kept in your mouth, or even better, if the patient can shove it back into its socket. This should be done only if the patient is in a position to keep it in their mouth without swallowing it.

If the patient can not hold it in their mouth, it should be placed ideally in milk, or at least water. Lastly, to have any chance of replacing the original tooth, the patient needs to be seen as soon as possible. If replacing a knocked out tooth is not an option, there are some restoration options available. We can review your options which would include a dental bridge, partial denture, full denture, or a dental implant.

Fractured Facial Bones

Patients may assume that a fractured cheekbone or eyebrow bone is just something that has to heal on its own, you cannot cast either. However, leaving it alone to can lead to problems. A facial bone that has been fractured can still be correctly set. An oral surgeon can help you heal correctly.

Fractured Jaw

A jaw that has been fractured or broken requires surgery. We will need to set the jaw in place. A fractured jaw should be done only through an oral surgeon. In most cases, our oral surgeon will work closely with your orthodontist following jaw surgery for long-term realignment and correction.

Facial Trauma Help

Contact our team at Cameo Dental Specialists when facial trauma occurs. There are steps that can save you pain, discomfort while improving your look.

Call us today at (630) 425-4488. Our front office staff at Cameo Dental Specialists is here to assist you.

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Contact our nearby team at Cameo Dental Specialists when facial trauma occurs! There are steps that can save you pain and discomfort, while improving your look.
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