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How to Maintain Dental Implants Chicago IL

Elderly woman enjoying her new smile in chicago area.Following the placement of your dental implant, you will need to maintain it the same way you should maintain your natural teeth.

Infection, from tooth decay and gum disease, is the biggest risk for failure of a dental implant. Our highly-skilled doctors will discuss and review your surgical implantation site for indications of possible infection before treatment and follow up at your post-surgery appointment.

If needed, our professional hygienist on staff at Cameo Dental Specialists can assist you in reducing gum disease and restoring your gums to health. Gum disease is an active bacterial infection, and by reducing the incidence of infection, we can help extend the life of your implant.

Patients who suffer from chronic periodontitis can still be a candidate for dental implants. We may choose to take some preparatory steps before implantation. We will discuss and review the importance of keeping the implantation site free of unnecessary bacteria to promote better healing and bonding of the implant and bone.

Prior to Implantation

Most patients will undergo some pre-work before the implant surgery. Some patients may have a tooth extracted, some may need to have a bone graft to increase the amount of bone, and some patients may need to gain control of active periodontitis.

Periodontitis, also known as gum disease or gingivitis, is a bacterial infection of the gingival tissues or gum tissues. Gum disease is a commonly seen issue in adults, particularly those who have lost teeth. We do not want an active infection at the implantation site because it can decrease the rate of healing, and healing is key to integrating the implant into the bone.

There are steps that we can take to assist the patient in recovering from an active infection. The first step is to remove the source of infection.

Prophylaxis, also known as dental cleaning, is an important dental treatment. Done by a professional, it can halt the progression of periodontal, or gum disease and gingivitis, along with proper home hygiene. Gum disease is a result of plaque and tartar that has been left on and in between your teeth. Plaque is a blend of food and saliva, making it a prime environment for bacteria to thrive.

For some patients, a simple dental cleaning can remove the source, and the patient will have an instant restoration of their health. In other cases, our hygienist will need to perform a deeper cleaning.

A deep cleaning goes under the gum line, where bacteria have settled, and infection is raging. Our hygienist will use a specialized tool known as an ultrasonic scaler; this will remove bacteria by blasting a directed stream of water.

The hygienist will then use a hand scaler to ensure that all plaque was removed. Once the gum pockets are clean, we will then smooth the roots through a process known as root planing. This will make it more difficult for bacteria to settle and spark a healing response from your gums.

After Dental Implant Placement

Following the placement of your implants, it is still important to reduce the incidence of infection developing. The best way to do this is through daily brushing and flossing.

We may ask patients who have a higher likelihood of developing infection to come in for more frequent office visits. Infection can attack the bone and tissue that we need for the implant to be securely in place with the bone.

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Maintaining your implant, by reducing the likelihood of infection, can extend the life of your implant significantly.

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