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Scaling and Root Planing
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Your oral health is important. To maintain the health of your mouth, it is essential that you brush and floss daily, as well as attend regular dental cleanings and exams. These habits are essential for reducing the buildup of bacterial plaque, which can lead to gum disease (also known as periodontitis). Gum disease is a serious progressive condition that can result in gum recession, tooth loss, and has also been linked to several systemic diseases. The systemic links to periodontal disease include diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and specific types of cancers. If you have gum disease, Cameo Dental Specialists can help.

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How Gum Disease Progresses

Oral bacteria and plaque (a sticky substance that forms on the surfaces of your teeth) can lead to tissue irritation. When your gums are irritated, your immune system sends an inflammatory response, which causes your gums to swell. As they do, they pull away from your teeth and form pockets. Bacteria then fall into these pockets and begin to attack your periodontal ligaments and jawbone. Eventually, your gums begin to recede, your teeth become loose, and you may be faced with tooth loss.

Scaling And Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a “deep clean” of your teeth below the gumline. We first perform a periodontal examination to make sure that this is the best treatment for your needs. We inspect the condition of your gums and measure your periodontal pockets. We may also take images of the inside of your mouth so we can see the condition of your teeth and jaw bone below the gum line. If scaling and root planing is determined to be the best answer, we then move ahead with treatment.

Before we begin, we will administer a local anesthetic, which will keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Scaling and root planing is a procedure that involves the use of specialized tools to remove buildup from below your gumline, including plaque, tartar (hardened plaque that cannot be removed at home), bacteria and other debris that has accumulated on the surfaces of your teeth.

After scaling and root planing is completed, we will allow your gums to heal for 4-6 weeks before performing a re-evaluation to assess how your gums have healed. Depending on the initial severity and healing of your periodontal disease, further surgical treatment may recommended at your re-evaluation appointment.

Benefits Of Scaling And Root Planing

There are several benefits to scaling and root planing:
•  The procedure is minimally invasive (non-surgical).
•  The irritation and inflammation of your gums are eased.
•  Your gums will bleed less when you brush, and the procedure will improve bad breath.
•  With the treatment of inflammation in your gums, there will be a general improvement of inflammation throughout your whole body.
•  This procedure may cure periodontal disease (gum disease) if detected and performed early on in the disease process.

If you have gum disease, you may benefit from a scaling and root planing. Cameo Dental Specialists today at (630) 425-4488 to learn more.

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Scaling and root planing is a 'deep clean' of your teeth below the gumline with several benefits, especially to those with gum disease. Near Chicago? Call us today!
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